FOREcasts for golfing interests!

Garry Nicholson

BA (Hons), MSc, RMet

Registered Meteorologist

Professional meteorologist,

Landscapes & Cloudscapes photographer,

Fair-weather golfer!

Hello, I'm Garry Nicholson, I live in the Derbyshire Dales and work as a freelance Meteorologist.

I am a member of Cavendish Golf Club in Buxton, with a playing handicap of 9, and a self-confessed fair weather golfer!!!

I operate professionally for Weather Consultancy Services and the Mountain Weather Information Service.

I have experience in forecasting for a variety of commercial interests, including farmers, hill-walkers, sports grounds, sailors, energy companies and websites. Forecast products include those in written format, verbal telephone briefings, and video-blogs.

I graduated with a Masters degree in Meteorology at the University of Birmingham in 2013.

In 2014, I became one of the first Registered Meteorologists in the UK. This accreditation scheme, operated by the Royal Meteorological Society, ensures meteorologists operate to a set of professional standards, undergo continuous professional development, and have the relevant experience and qualifications.

The forecasts made on this site are produced using an assessment of the latest suite of global computer models, combined with an understanding of historic weather patterns and experience of local weather patterns.

The weather information found on this site is updated regularly, but of course things may still change after issuing.

Content is targeted at Derbyshire, the north Midlands and southern Pennines unless otherwise stated, with the intention of aiding golf course maintenance, planning and general interest.

Use with appropriate caution, and any decisions made after reading this content are your own.

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